La stratégie de la poussette

The Stroller Strategy 2012 • 1 h 29 min ComedyRomanceFrench France

Movie. Après s'être retrouvé avec un bébé sur les bras, un jeune homme se fait passer pour le père de l'enfant dans l'espoir de reconquérir son ex.

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Unfortunately, La stratégie de la poussette is not available on Netflix at the moment, but did you know that there are thousands of additional movies and series that you can unlock by changing your Netflix country? Check out our guide here:

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Age Rating

'La stratégie de la poussette' is rated 10, indicating it is suitable for viewers aged 10 and above. This classification suggests the title may contain mild violence, or brief sequences containing strong language, but nothing that would be considered inappropriate for children in this age group.

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