2016 • 1 h 34 min ComedyCrime United States, Puerto Rico

Movie. A bumbling night guard somehow manages to steal $17 million with his cohorts — but will they be able to outsmart the FBI? Loosely based on a real heist.

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Where can you watch Masterminds?

Available on Netflix in Canada

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  • Germany Netflix Germany Available since: March 22, 2024 Audio: English [Original], German Subtitles: German


Is Masterminds on Netflix Canada?

Unfortunately, Masterminds is not available on Netflix Canada. However, it is available in the Netflix libraries of other countries and can be streamed using a VPN. Check out our guide on how to easily change your Netflix country, for example, to Germany, where Masterminds is currently available:

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Age Rating

'Masterminds' is rated PG-13, indicating some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. This rating suggests the presence of content such as brief strong language, suggestive scenes, or violence, but not of a nature that would require an R rating.

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