My Grandparents' War

2019 Documentary

TV Show. In this four-part documentary series, leading Hollywood actors undertake a fascinating journey into their family's past by re-tracing the footsteps of their grandparents during World War Two. We follow the moving, personal stories of Helena Bonham Carter, Mark Rylance, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Carey Mulligan as they travel to historic locations, from the beaches of Dunkirk to prisoner of war camps in Asia, to learn about the war their grandparents experienced. All of the actors have unanswered questions about the scars war left on their grandparents, and in each episode one of the actors explore how six years changed the lives of their family and the world forever while learning about the life and death decisions that their grandparents faced.

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Where can you watch My Grandparents' War?

Available on Netflix in Canada

Available on Netflix in other countries

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  • United Kingdom Netflix United Kingdom Available since: October 30, 2023 Seasons: S1(4), S2(4) Audio: English [Original] Subtitles: English


Is My Grandparents' War on Netflix Canada?

Unfortunately, My Grandparents' War is not available on Netflix Canada. However, it is available in the Netflix libraries of other countries and can be streamed using a VPN. Check out our guide on how to easily change your Netflix country, for example, to United Kingdom, where My Grandparents' War is currently available:

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Age Rating

'My Grandparents' War' is rated 15, indicating it is suitable only for viewers aged 15 and over. This rating suggests the movie may contain strong content not appropriate for younger viewers, such as strong violence, strong language, sexual scenes, or drug use.

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